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NeuroBalance Global Healthcare Inc., is the pioneer of soft tissue occupational therapy in the Philippines. Originally from Australia, NeuroBalance is a state-of-the-art therapy provider utilizing latest clinically-proven techniques and technologies from across the globe.

Our Services

Pain & Stress Relief

Why wait to feel great? Experience pain and stress relief with NeuroBalance's highly-advanced treatments for your body and mind's needs.

Adult Rehab

We offer advanced rehab technologies, standardized assessments and evidence-based therapy for your better care.

Pediatric Therapy

Australian Board-Licensed Therapists and a facility w/ custom-built cutting-edge, modern multi-sensory playground & activities for your child's maximal fun while learning is what's in store for you

About NeuroBalance

NeuroBalance Global Healthcare Inc. is an Australian-based therapy provider catering to persons with pain dysfunctions, children with special needs and adults with disabilities. NeuroBalance is the Pioneer of Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy in the Philippines. We offer the latest clinically-proven techniques from across the globe, including USA, Australia and Europe. To boost your health and recovery faster, take a look through our website and discover how NeuroBalance can help YOU maximize your potential.

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Why Choose Us?

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State-of-the-Art Facility

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Advanced Rehab Technology

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Internationally-Certified Therapists

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Our Partners

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Safehouse MMA and Fitness Gym

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Global Education for Therapy Practitioners

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NeuroBalance Global Healthcare Inc.
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